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The craftsmanship on our horse barns are second to none.

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Beautiful event venue barns, customized to fit your needs.

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We specialize in Post Frame construction.

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We custom build your garage to fit your specific needs.

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We are a team of skilled craftsman, specializing in Timber Frame Construction.

Timber frame construction is a method of building structures using a framework of wooden posts and beams. It is a traditional technique that has been used for centuries and continues to be popular today due to its durability, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal.

In timber frame construction, large wooden beams are used as the main structural members, providing support for the building. These beams are typically made from solid pieces of timber, such as pine, oak, or Douglas fir. The beams are joined together using various types of connections, such as mortise and tenon joints or metal connectors like steel plates or screws.

One of the key advantages of timber frame construction is its sustainability. Wood is a renewable resource, and timber used in construction can be sourced from responsibly managed forests. Another benefit of timber frame construction is its versatility and design flexibility. The frame allows for open floor plans and large, open spaces, as the load-bearing capabilities of the beams minimize the need for interior load-bearing walls. This flexibility enables a wide range of architectural styles and customization options.

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